Code Of Ethics

We, the members of the Illinois Coin Machine Operators Association, recognizing our responsibilities and obligations to promote the public welfare and to maintain honorable, fair, and friendly relations among men, do pledge ourselves:

1. To compete always with fairness and honesty, seeking patronage on merit and service; to strive for intelligent cooperation with our competitors in all lawful ways; and to increase the efficiency and service of the industry to the public.

2. To deal fairly with locations, faithfully analyze their needs, recommend equipment best suited to fulfill those needs, provide them with the highest standards of music, and service their equipment promptly and courteously.

3. To refrain from and actively strive to prevent unfair methods of competition and unethical practices by the members of this Association and by the industry in general.

4. To defend the honor and integrity of the industry against all unfair and unjustified attacks.

5. To comply with all laws and valid regulations of governmental agencies.

6. To cooperate with duly elected public officials and governmental agencies in the performance of their just duties.

7. To conduct our business in a manner that will reflect the highest standard of citizenship and in accordance with the By-Laws and Code-of-Ethics of the Illinois Coin Machine Operators Association and, therefore, adhere faithfully to the rules of conduct herein set forth and to inspire our fellow members to do likewise, believing that the Golden Rule is the only safe guide of conduct in relations of men.

8. To report any violation of this Code to the President of the Illinois Coin Machine Operators Association, who shall refer it to the Board of Directors for consideration and action.